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     Hello everyone, my name is Janet! I am a chocoholic and I'm addicted to "Parks & Rec" and "The Office." I also have a strong fondness for all country love songs and that perfect pair of cute butt jeans! I enjoy having a good cup of strong coffee or a glass of dry red wine. My husband and I have three human children and another 300 or so that moo. If I am not behind my camera or computer, the barn is where I'm at. 

     My biggest love (besides my children) is my husband. We met while I was cooking and waiting tables at a local diner, but fell in love over a stove pilot that was out. It took us only three weeks to be inseparable and years later we are still in as much love as the day we first met.

     I spent years photographing anything I could and covering every type of session I was able to. It took seven years, but I decided that weddings and boudoir is where I wanted to focus my talents. I also offer engagement sessions and in hospital 'Fresh48' for Newborns. Photographing a couple starting their family is an amazing blessing.


   I offer destination wedding photography, but my main focus areas are (not limited to):

Wedding Photography in Saratoga Springs

Wedding Photography in Albany

Boudoir Photography in Saratoga Springs

          Janet Brizzell



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Janet Brizzell

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